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The Artists’ Foundation raises funds for the benefit of artists who, due to a major event or a period without work, are struggling to make ends meet. The Foundation relies on the generosity of artists themselves, the general public as well as companies and foundations who support the arts.

Several forms of donations are available :

If you wish to make another type of donation, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Why donate to the Foundation?
  • To join a community that has cared for the well-being of local artists for 35 years.
  • To support the efforts of the Foundation which, every year, helps more than 175 artists of all ages, from all regions of Quebec.
  • To take part in the representation of our culture, since artists influence how Quebec is seen around the world.
  • To directly help artists and their families who, due to a major event or a period without work, find it difficult to cover their basic necessities.
Learn more about tax credits

The Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec offer tax credits or deductions to individuals or companies who donate to registered charities like the Artists Foundation, whose registration number is 120292875RR0001.

To find out the amount of the tax credit applicable to the total amount of your donations paid during the past year, we invite you to consult with the Revenue Agency. Several factors come into play. For example, for an individual with an annual income of $50,000 who donates $500, the credit will amount to $229 (45.8%).

I would like to give to…

Below, various funds managed by the Foundation which you can choose to give to:

Actors, entertainers, singers & dancers

The Jean-Duceppe Fund of the Artists' Foundation

The Jean-Duceppe Fund contribute to help professional artists (actors, entertainers, singers & dancers) with an artistic career and in need of financial assitance. This fund provides one-time financial assistance to professional artists who are going through a difficult period.

Directors and producers of movies, series, publicities and web content 

The emergency fund of the Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec (ARRQ)

Thi fund help ARRQ directors and producers with financial difficulty.

Designers of decors, costumes & theatre lighting

The Prévost-Bussières Fund of the Association des professionnels des arts de la scène du Québec (APASQ)

Concerned by the  socio-cultural and economic wellbeing of its membership, the Association des professionnels des arts de la scène du Québec (APASQ) created the Prévost-Bussières Fund in honour of two renowned Quebec designers of decor: Robert Prévost and Paul Bussières.

 This fund provides one-time financial assistance to professional designers of decors, costumes, accesories, theatre lighting, sound environments, makeup, coiffure and wig, puppets, etc.

Authors, writers & screenwriters of movies, series et publicities, etc. 

The SARTEC Fund from the Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma

The purpose of this fund is to support the authors, writers and screenwriters of all screens by providing financial assistance.

Musicians in all genre of music

The Jean-Carignan Fund of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ)

This fund have been established for professional musician who maintained a significant musical activity and who is struggling with exceptional precarious financial situation due to health, family or professional problems. Called JEAN-CARIGNAN, named after the famous Quebec violinist who died in 1988.

Professional actors active  in the cinema, television and theatre area represented by the agencies members of AQAA

The AQAA Fund of the Association québécoise des agences artistiques

This fund provides one-time financial assistance to professional actors active in the cinema, television ans theatre area represented by the agencies members of AQAA.

Painters, sculptors, photographers, visual arts artists, land arts, textiles arts, etc.

The Serge-Lemoyne Fund from the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV)

Ŧhis fund gets its name from the renowned Serge Lemoyne, known among other things for his bleu-white-red period. The Serge-Lemoyne fund is for professional artists who derive over half of their income from activites in visual arts as self-employed person in crisis situation. It’s a financial support and punctual assistance in order to give these artists a moment of rest needed to continue their creative activities.

Gilbert Bélanger – Membre du Cercle des Amis de Ronald-France ENG

« Si, par mes modestes dons, j’ai pu faire une petite contribution pour que la FDA reste à ce niveau d’excellence, j’en suis content. Je sais que les sommes recueillis vont directement aux artistes dans le besoin et ils l’apprécient grandement. »

Marie-Christine Cojocaru – Directrice générale de la Caisse Desjardins de la culture

« À la Caisse de la Culture, nous savons ce que vivent les artistes, puisque nous sommes entièrement à leur service. C’est pourquoi nous sommes ravis de contribuer à l’aide que leur apporte la Fondation des artistes pour garantir non seulement leur mieux-être, mais également le nôtre, car sans eux la vie serait bien terne. »

Pierre-Karl Péladeau – Président et chef de la direction de Québecor

« La culture étant au cœur même des activités de Québecor, nous sommes fort conscients des défis qu’ont à relever ceux et celles qui œuvrent dans cette industrie. Il est donc important pour nous de nous allier à la Fondation des artistes afin que nos créateurs puissent vivre pleinement de leur passion. »

Emilio B. Imbriglio - Président et chef de la direction de Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

« En tant qu’entreprise, c’est en apportant notre appui à la Fondation que nous aidons la communauté artistique à cultiver son imagination et son talent. Encourager les artistes, qui donnent tant à leur public, revient à soutenir notre patrimoine. »

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