The Artists Foundation provides one-time financial assistance to professional artists who are going through a difficult period.

  • The organization supports artists from all disciplines, whether they work in performing arts, theatre, television, film, circus, music, dance or visual arts.
  • The Foundation’s assistance comes in the form of donations. Your support helps artists with approved applications, and provides for their basic needs with housing, groceries or health care.
  • To claim assistance from the Foundation, applicants must meet certain mandatory criteria, such as being a professional artist, being active in the world of the arts for several years, leading an established artistic career and having encountered difficulties.


Amount paid to artists over 220-2021


Number of donations granted in 2020-2021


Donations collected in 2020-2021


Donations collected in 2019-2020


Average donation granted to artists in need in 2020-2021


Fondation des artistes de chez nous was created in 1984 by a group of artists whose goal was to finance a performance hall adjoining Chez-nous des artistes, a residence intended for its seniors.

In 1988, the Foundation’s board of directors cancelled plans to build the performance hall and decided to instead use the funds to help artists in need.

In 1995, the Fondation des artistes de chez nous became the Fondation des artistes du Québec (the Artists Foundation) as we know it today. The latter provides one-time financial assistance to artists who are going through a difficult period.

Over the years, several professional groups from the artistic community have joined the Foundation to raise funds and help their own members.


Michel Laperrière; Chair
Sophie Prégent; Vice-Chair
Ghyslain Dufresne; Tresurer
Diane de Champlain; Secretary
Antoine Azar; Member
Micheline Bernard; Member
Normand Brais; Member
Daniel Charron; Member
Mylène Cyr; Member
Jean-Michel Girouard; Member
Gabriel Groulx; Member
Stéphanie Hénault; Member
Marcel Leboeuf; Member
François Morin; Member


Hélène Côté; General management
Evelyne Boisvert; Communications and Events Coordinator
Josée Mousseau; Administrative assistant

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