Our corporate donors

The Artists’ Foundation is fortunate to have valuable allies who believe in the positive impact and power of the Foundation to improve the precarious socio-economic conditions of Quebec artists. With their trust and support, the Foundation succeeds in developing and perfecting its already established structure, which represents the best solution for distributing aid to professional artists and cultural workers in a rapid and adapted manner.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the companies, foundations and organizations that supported the Foundation between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Caisse Desjardins de la Culture

“The Caisse de la Culture knows and is sensitive to the reality of Quebec artists.” – Marie-Christine Cojocaru, general manager

Fondation JA DeSève

Major donor and ally of the artists and their Foundation for many years

Industrielle Alliance

Principal partner of the Double your donation December campaign


Corporate $ 100,000$ and over/ Public partners : Annual donations or 5-year commitment

Individual $ 10,000 and over : Annual donation



Corporate $ 25,000 and over : Annual donations or 5-year commitment

Individual $ 1,500 and over : Annual donation

Leading role

Corporate $ 15,000 and over: Annual donations or 5-year commitment

Individual $ 500 and over: Annual donation



Corporate $ 5,000 and over

Individual $ 350 and over: Annual donation


"With accessible support, I was able to get through a time of distress and to pursue my profession."

- Rafaël G.    

"For the first time in my life, I was able to afford to consult and seek help without going into debt and adding more stress to my life."

- Luc V.    
Street performer

"Today, time seems lighter and the hours more pleasant. Thank you for your support. I'll go and write in peace."

- Louise M.    

"This help is greatly appreciated; it allows me to breathe a little, to get back on my feet following a difficult period and, above all, to continue working in the arts. Thank you to the Artists' Fundation, for its mission, which is essential to the cultural ecosystem."

- Maxime M.    
Multidisciplinary artist

"We'd like to thank you so much for the help we've received on two occasions. You literally allowed us to put butter on our bread! Thanks to you, we've been able to keep our heads above water and continue working on our projects."

- Louana et Francis – Recipients    
Circus performer

"In my opinion, few cultural workers can afford a lawyer who will be able to accompany and guide us through any legal concerns affecting our well-being. I was reassured by the legal support I received."

- Joe G.    

"Personally, without the financial help of the Foundation, I humbly confess that my morale would be at an all-time low. This financial support was seen as a gift from heaven."

- Jacques Grisé – Recipient    
Actor, author and member of the Paul et Paul comedy trio

"If there's one good thing about this pandemic, it's that it has brought to light the precarious situation in which artists work, and the fragility of the cultural industry in Quebec. The donations distributed by the Artists's Fundation have enabled me to cover my basic needs while my portfolio seeks to recover from cancelled and postponed contracts."

- Marie-Pierre D. – Recipient    
Singer and musician

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