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You are a professional artist and wish to have access to the support of the Artists’ Foundation? With its various assistance programs, the Foundation can help you face a more difficult period and lighten your daily life.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a hand. We are here to assist you and answer your questions.

Financial assistance
Psychological support
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Marc-André D. Musician

"Thanks to the Foundation's donations, I was able to survive financially, but above all I got through those difficult months with a little more peace of mind."

fondation-des-artistes-temoignages-louana-francis-min (1)
Louana et Francis. Circus performer

"With the support we received on two occasions, we kept our heads above water and continued to work on our projects."

Jacques Grisé Actor and author

"The Foundation is the sun breaking through the clouds and, above all, the essential hope of better days ahead."

Marie-Pierre D. Musician

"The pandemic will have brought to light the precarious situation in which artists work, and the fragility of Quebec's cultural industry."

Psychological support
Fonds de soutien psychosocial (1)

Psychosocial support fund

The Psychosocial Support Fund of the Artists’ Foundation is temporarily closed. We would like to thank the CALQ for their financial support, which made this initiative possible.

Financial assistance
Fonds Jean-Duceppe Anglais

Jean-Duceppe Fund

The Fonds Jean-Duceppe of the Artists’ Foundation may be for you. The purpose of this Fund is to support professional artists going through a precarious period. It is a one-time, non-permanent assistance

Fonds Jean-Carignan ANGLAIS

Fonds Jean-Carignan

The Fonds Jean-Carignan  of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec GMMQ is available to GMMQ members and former members. It provides one-time financial assistance to professional musicians and composers in need. It intervenes as a last resort, in emergency and crisis situations.

Fonds de la SARTEC anglais

Fonds de la Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma (SARTEC)

This fund is available to SARTEC members and former members. It is open to members and former members who derive or have derived 50% of their income from their work as authors, and who are in such a situation that occasional financial support is necessary.

Fonds Serge-Lemoyne anglais

Fonds Serge-Lemoyne du Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV)

The Fonds Serge-Lemoyne is available to assist professional artists who derive most of their income from self-employment in the visual arts. Artists do not have to be members of RAAV to apply to the FSL. However, they must have a professional status.

Fonds Prévost-Bussières anglais

Fonds Prévost-Bussières of the APASQ

The APASQ’s Fonds Prévost-Bussières provides one-time emergency financial assistance to conceptors who are members of the association.

Fonds ARRQ anglais

Fonds de secours de l’ARRQ

The Fonds de secours of the ARRQ provides one-time assistance to RÉALS members facing serious financial difficulties.

Other services
ANG Programme de coaching et gestion du stress

Performance and stress management coaching program

Take advantage of free one-on-one coaching sessions to improve performance under stress, and all this thanks to the Azrieli Foundation.

Consult the FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What does the Artists’ Foundation offer?

The Artists' Foundation offers a one-stop solution for assistance and support to artists and cultural professionals who are in financial difficulty or suffering from psychological distress. The confidentiality of the information provided is assured by the Artists' Foundation team. The Foundation treats all requests for assistance with the utmost discretion.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

Each Support Fund has distinct eligibility criteria. You can navigate through the fund pages to view the criteria and find out your eligibility.

How do I start the application process / How do I submit my application?

Each assistance program administered by the Artists' Foundation has its own online application form available on its respective webpage of the Artists' Foundation website.

How do I know if my application has been received?

Once you submit an online application form, you will receive an email acknowledgement receipt from

How do I get my application handled quickly?

The process of allocating donations and services to applicants is constantly being optimized in order to provide support in the shortest possible time. An employee of the Artists' Foundation can be reached by telephone at 514-ARTISTE (278-4783). If you witness or are the victim of an emergency situation that threatens your safety or the safety of others, you must call 9-1-1.

How can I get help with my application?

The Artists' Foundation provides an email address ( and a telephone line (514- ARTISTE (278-4783)) for assistance in the application process. The Foundation treats all requests for assistance with the utmost discretion.

Not able to apply for support online?

The online application form is the most effective tool for verifying your eligibility and applying for support from the Artists’ Foundation. However, if you do not have access to a computer or internet service, please contact a member of the Artists’ Foundation team who will be able to assist you at 514- ARTISTE (278-4783), or by email at

Is there help available for people living with disability barriers?

If you are experiencing disability barriers while applying for support, please contact a member of the Artists’ Foundation team who will be able to assist you at 514- ARTISTE (278-4783), or by email at

How to get assistance

Do you have a question?

Please take the time to contact us.
We are available by email at or by phone at 514-ARTISTE (278-4783), ext. 1529.

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